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Thank you for choosing me as your artist for your hair/lash journey. I’m looking forward to meeting you and giving you the hair/lashes of your dreams!

Please fill out your hair/lash consultation forms before booking your appointment. This will help me to get to know more about you and your hair/lashes goals. Please read the salon policies and sign the cancellation policy Before scheduling your appointment. This ensures everyone has the best experience in my salon!

For hair appointments please arrive with hair that has been cleaned within 48 hours and free of any tangles. If your hair is tangled please let me know before your appointment so I can book extra time and will be charged at a rate of $15 per 15 minutes.

Please wear an old shirt with no collars to your color appointment, La Bella Sirena Salon is not responsible for damage to clothing during your service.

For lash appointments please arrive with freshly cleansed lashes and no eye makeup. Makeup will prohibit your lash lift and lash adhesive from working correctly. If lashes are dirty I will need to do a thorough deep cleaning which will be an extra $10.

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I only schedule one client at a time to give my client's the most relaxing experience. Due to the size of my suite I don't have extra space or seating for any additional guests. If you arrive with a guest they will be asked to wait outside in the waiting room until your appointment is over. Children must be supervised by another adult whose not receiving a service. As a friendly reminder the building is shared by other service providers, please keep the noise level to a minimum to ensure all paying guests are able to receive a relaxing service. Thank you in advance!

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If you are running late for your appointment, please call ahead to let me know. If you arrive beyond 15 minutes late, I will try my best to accommodate you but it may be possible your appointment will have to be rescheduled resulting in a $25 missed appointment fee. Please understand that my business runs by appointments only and it’s not fair to the client after you if you cut into their appointment time. Everyone’s time is valuable and I do my best as a service provider to respect everyone’s time. 

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To cancel or move an appointment, La Bella Sirena Salon requires a minimum of 24 hours notice from the time of your scheduled appointment, or you will be charged a $25 missed appointment fee. This also includes coming in for your scheduled appointment and choosing not to proceed with a service(s) booked. Please let me know ahead of time if you need to change your services booked or cancel altogether.  Please understand that I run a small business and when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, I miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time which incurs a loss on my business. Appointments are confirmed 7 Days in advance by text & email and 48 hours in advance by text & email. If you need to cancel please call, text or email me at least 24 hours in advance.

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 If you have not contacted me and you’re past 15 minutes late I will try and contact you. If there is no response at this time it will be considered a no call/no show. All no shows will be required to pay missed appointment fee and put down a 50% deposit before booking any future appointments. I understand that life can be out of our control at times but please do your best to not leave me hanging. As your service provider I care about you. No shows can be a very scary experience because it leaves me wondering if you’re okay. 

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I take pride and stand by my work at La Bella Sirena Salon. I do not provide refunds on services however client redos/touchups will be honored if I’m contacted within 3 days of the original service. If hair/lashes are altered by another salon or yourself the redo policy is void. You will have to pay for your full future appointment cost.  Please remember that hair regrowth will appear within a week, hair grows on average about ½ an inch per month so it is completely normal to see regrowth and that will not be considered a redo.Shedding of 2-5 lashes per eye per day is completely normal for lash extensions if you have excessive shedding in the first 24 hours please let me know.

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It's important to keep in mind that color corrections will take multiple sessions to accomplish. A consultation is required for a color correction appointment. Please note: Pricing is by the hour or based on the service booked. If an appointment is scheduled, and it falls under a color correction, please beware of any price changes that may occur or the timing of your appointment may change.

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The following information is important to know if you are a client receiving a color/chemical/lash service:

Color history and the use of medications must be divulged when consulting with your stylist. If you are currently under the care of an MD, it is your responsibility to research if color services are compatible with any prescription medication or cancer treatment that you are currently being treated with, or have used prior to your color appointment. Your stylist is not a trained medical physician. You may ask for a patch test prior to booking an appointment if you believe these conditions apply to you. A patch test will take 24 hours to see any sort of allergic reaction.

Below is a list of items to address with your stylist prior to your appointment - as these items may cause negative chemical reactions to the hair when mixed with salon chemicals services.

​Previously over-processed hair: by repeatedly layering dyes over porous pre-lightened hair.

Taking prescription medication: that inadvertently alters the bonds of the hair (methotrexate, sulfa-based medications)

Thermal damage: by over-use of hot tools.

Use of metallic dyes, salts, or minerals: (box color) or use of "over mineralized well water" chemicals may cause a negative reaction to enlightenment services.

Use of henna or vegetable dyes: chemicals may cause a negative reaction to enlightenment services.

Permed or relaxed hair: chemicals may cause a negative reaction to enlightenment services.

Any other health conditions that deal with skin, allergies, & bodily functions.

It is each client’s personal responsibility to be upfront and honest about their hair history, health conditions, and to research the items listed above prior to booking an initial appointment. Any damage caused to the hair as a result of undivulged information during the consultation is not the responsibility of the stylist.**

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La Bella Sirena Salon will not accept any returns or exchanges or any nature. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! This also includes the purchase of hair extensions.

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If you are feeling unwell or if there is a chance you have been exposed to any contagious illnesses within 10 days of your appointment, I kindly ask that you contact me directly to reschedule your appointment. Please give meat least 24 hours notice to avoid a missed appointment fee.

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