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This private 1 on 1 course is for licensed cosmetologists or estheticians who would like to learn the art of lash lift/perm. You will receive a lash lift kit with everything you need to start your lash lift business. You will need to provide your own model for the hands on portion. Class is 8 hours long, please email to schedule your class today.



This private 1 on 1 course is for licensed cosmetologists or estheticians who are first time lash artists wanting to learn to apply classic lash extensions. This is a two day course, plan to be in class 8 hours per day. Day one you will learn history of lash extensions, safety, sanitation, theory and product knowledge. Day 2 will be focused on the practical portion. During the morning you will practice on your mannequin and in the afternoon you will practice on a model that you will provide. The course will also include a kit with all the tools you need to start taking classic lash clients. Please email to schedule your class today.



This is a private 1 on 1 business coaching session available in person, zoom or phone call. This class is perfect for service providers (think nail tech, hairstylist, lash artist, esthetician or massage therapist) who is wanting to become an entrepreneur but doesn't know how to get started. Or maybe you finally made the move but don't know what you're doing. Let me help guide you through the very rewarding experience of entrepreneurship.

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